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Things To Know


Free Trial

We offer free trials to any new members joining the Olympo Gymnastics family! These are done in any beginner level class. 



Tuition is due the 8th of every month.


Enrollment Fee

When enrolling at Olympo Gymnastics there is a one time $30 enrollment fee ($50 for family) at sign up. 


What to Wear

Athletic wear is required when attending class. Anything the student is comfortable in will work, other than jeans or school clothing! Leotards are always recommended, along with two piece outfits.  Please be sure to pull back long hair.


Payment Method

Auto Payment: tuition will automatically be withdrawn from the account on the 8th of the month

Parent Portal: members are able to make payments online through parent portal by the 8th of the month

In Person: members are able to make payments at the front desk by the 8th of the month


Water Break

Students will get a water break in their Preschool, Gymnastics and Tumbling class, so be sure to bring a drink!


Parent Observation

For safety and insurance reasons, no parents will be allowed into the gym area (Toddler class one adult is allowed). Please refrain from coaching, talking to, or getting your child's attention in any way during class. Interrupting classes could cause safety problems. If you need your child, please contact the person at the front desk and he/she will assist you. 

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